Elaine Belle is a gifted Alexander teacher and bodyworker. I have had sessions with her for ten years, and my usage keeps improving. This week’s lesson was about the tilt of my lower back while using my upper back and arms. The habit of contracting my shoulders and neck is unwinding while my low back is becoming stronger. I have more fun in my body now. What a gift!

“I’ve been teaching movement for 20 years. Yet Elaine’s understanding of the body is so deep, so subtle, that one simple instruction from her opens up entirely new worlds for me and my students.”
—Lori Saltzman, Moving Center School

“As soon as I started work with Elaine I felt immediate, dramatic, and positive postural improvement.”
—John Mini, Acupuncturist

“I feel so much better than I did before I saw you, and the miracle is that I have stayed that way. I don’t know how you do it, but you are so gifted. I just thank my lucky stars to have worked with you. I enjoyed every minute.
Judy North, Painter/artist

“Elaine’s work has enabled me to unlock and change patterns that have kept me from the natural balance and alignment of my body. In the past, because of my medical background, when I was in pain, I would only think in terms of pathology. Now I can see how to change the poor physical habits that cause pain.”
—Pam Gaffney, R.N., Counselor

“I sit at a computer terminal for my work and have been troubled by stiff neck and shoulder pain. Since beginning my study with Elaine, and applying the principals of the Alexander Technique, the pain and stiffness have decreased, my stamina has improved, and I enjoy my work more than ever.”
—Sherry Mouser, Designer

“I highly recommend Elaine’s Alexander lessons. The subtle, yet, effective technique has improved my posture as well as lessened the stress in my lower back.”
—David Beswick, Educator and Author

“Muscular stress has always been a problem for musicians. The Alexander Technique as taught by Elaine Belle has done wonders relieving back and shoulder tension and improving my posture.”
—Eleanor Agol, Pianist

“Unlocking of something,
Something in the heart region…
Scapulae found each other
and began to talk…

“Hey, we have a lovely place
between us!!”

Collarbones heard it and smiled…

All of a sudden, there appeared

A gentle bubbly spring from the center,
Spreading across me into the space___

Something is unlocked magically
In the region of the heart…

(Thank you for your gentle, light and precise guidance.
I appreciate it a lot!!)”
—Yuko, Graduating Alexander Student

Elaine Belle is a certified Alexander teacher with over 20 years experience. The Alexander Technique is a gentle, hands-on process to realign the skeleto-muscular system.