About Elaine

Elaine-Belle-Alexander-TechniqueAfter receiving her B.A. in Education from Central Washington State University, Elaine taught school in Los Angeles. She then moved to San Francisco to study Reichian Therapy with Dr. Peter Levine.

Elaine worked as body therapist for seven years before beginning her training to teach the Alexander Technique. She completed the three-year program in 1984 and has since been a certified instructor of the Alexander Technique. In addition, Elaine has has studied Postural Integration and Transpersonal Body Therapy. She has a private practice in Marin County, and has been a certified Alexander Teacher for over 2 decades.

Elaine is available for individual sessions, small and large group workshops, as well as lecture-demonstrations.

Elaine Belle is a certified Alexander teacher with over 20 years experience. The Alexander Technique is a gentle, hands-on process to realign the skeleto-muscular system.